Registration Information

Pricing has been added to the BFSC brochure.  It is available to download.  Online registration will be available soon.

When registering for a program we accept cash or cheque. Also, if registering for a Starskate program please provide proof of highest test passed for the level you are wishing to register for.

BFSC 2017-2018 Brochure


Junior – passed Stage 5, private coach not mandatory

Intermediate – passed all 3 Star 1 tests, private coach mandatory

Intermediate A – passed all 3 Star 1 tests

Intermediate B – passed all 3 Star 2 tests PLUS one complete Star 3 test or over 14 years old

Senior – passed all 3 Star 3 tests PLUS complete Star 4 Freeskate/Junior Bronze Freeskate or one complete Senior Bronze test (any discipline)


Offer/promote to other clubs and our skaters as a ticket ice (our skaters must be registered for a min of 2 days to use as a ticket ice). Ticket book $15/session; no deal on multiples.


10 minute warmup

  • Fast, upbeat

30 minute group lessons

  • 10 min agility – jumps, spins, turns
  • 10 min balance – edges, field moves
  • 10 min control – crosscuts X’s and O’s, dance elements

10 minute cool down

  • Creative movement, slow stretching

When you sign up for a skating program you become a member of Skate Canada. Your Skate Canada membership fee includes access to all Skate Canada programs and also provides insurance coverage.

Note: BFSC Skate Canada Club Number 1000480