Get the most out of STARSkate


There are a lot of options within figure skating and that can sometimes be overwhelming; here are some tips to make this a positive and fun experience for parents and children.

Keep it Fun. The focus of STARSkate should be on the development of figure skating specific skills within an enjoyable environment. Encourage skaters to have fun, try their best and learn to find joy in all aspects of the sport. Remember this is their sport.

Ask Questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the way the skating world works! The professional coaching staff at BFSC have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the sport and are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also find excellent information on-line at as well as on your section and club websites.

Reward Effort. Personal progress and effort are the focus in STARSkate and successes will come at different times for different skaters. Skaters will quickly learn the benefits of hard work, perseverance and sportsmanship – life skills that will benefit them as they grow and develop outside the arena.

Provide Emotional Support. This is a really challenging sport. Even in the STAR 1-5 competition program skaters attempt fairly complex movements on a thin blade on slippery surface; that’s enough to make anyone nervous! Being anxious before a competition/performance is normal and it can be helpful to explain to your children that their nerves just show they care about how much they want to do their best.

Model Healthy Eating and Physical Activity. Even beginner athletes need the right fuel to help them perform at their best. Modeling healthy eating behavior and providing meals that are nutritious and balanced will benefit your entire family. Encourage participation in a range of physical activities in addition to skating – can you find physical activities that you can do together as a family? Encourage your skater to participate in off ice programming that is offered at BFSC to enhance their participation in the sport and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Communicate with your Club/Coaches. The BFSC is here to provide the best possible skating experience for your child and your family. We will do our best to ensure that you are kept up-to-date with any information that is important to your child’s participation in our sport. In the event that you have any questions at any time our BFSC Board and Professional Coaches are your point of contact to get the information you need. Our newly revised website is an excellent place to start!!