BFSC Regular Season (Fall)

Program Descriptions and Requirements:
★ 30 min program for children 3-4 years of age, designed for those who have never skated before or
who are not confident with their balance on the ice.
★ Will introduce children to the ice, help them become comfortable and work on the essentials needed to
move safely and effectively on the ice. Successful skaters can transition to Canskate.

★ 50 min program for skaters with no experience needed
★ For 3 years and up (**except for the 5yr+ session on Wednesdays)
★ A dynamic program that focuses on fun and basic skating skill development

★ Recognizing that skating is a foundational skill for hockey and ringette, this program allows for the
opportunity to focus on skating outside of the game or practice
★ Skaters must have achieved Stage 4 of the CanSkate program or equivalent previous skating
experience. This is not a learn to skate program. CSA helmets and full/partial hockey equipment
must be worn by participants.

★ Junior – Must have passed Canskate Stage 4 or be invited (**Open Session, Juniors must have
obtained Stage 6 Badge and have a coach)
★ Intermediate – All 3 Star 1 tests must have a private coach
★ Senior – All Star 3 plus 2 Star 4 tests or 14 years of age

Canskate, Pre-Canskate & Power Skating Pricing:
Sunday or Monday (14 sessions)

Canskate/Power Skating—–$369 ($280 program fee + $44 Skate Canada Fee + $45 Fundraising Fee)
Tuesday or Wednesday (16 sessions)

Canskate——$409 ($320 program fee + $44 Skate Canada Fee + $45 Fundraising Fee)

Pre-Canskate—-$345 ($256 program fee + $44 Skate Canada Fee + $45 Fundraising Fee)

Fee Breakdown:
Programming Cost—$280 (14 sessions) or $320 (16 sessions) or $256 (Pre-Can)
Skate Canada fee—$44 applies to each individual skater and is valid from Sept. 2022 until the end
of August 2023.
Fundraising fee—$45 is applied once per year to each family. If you have multiple children skating,
the fee is only charged to you once during the season. All programming fees are mandatory.

Starskate Pricing:
Monday(14 sessions)
Total cost: $299 ($210 program fee + $44 Skate Canada Fee + $45 Fundraising Fee)
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (16 sessions)
Total cost: $329 ($240 program fee + $44 Skate Canada Fee + $45 Fundraising Fee)

Posted by Deborah Schnedler