BFSC Regular Season (Winter)




  BFSC  2022-2023 Winter Season

All winter Canskate programs are now full. Please add your name to one of our waitlists. If an opening

becomes available, our online system will automatically contact you by email.

Use this link to register for skating programs or to join waitlists:

Winter Canskate programs begin Jan. 10th, 11th, 15th & 16th.

To learn more about the Canskate program, please visit: Canskate Information Link

Please read program requirements and the descriptions below before completing all registrations. 

Locations:   (SC)–South Courtice Arena (Sun., Mon., Wed., Thurs.),   (GR)-Bowmanville, Garnet Rickard (Tues.) 




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BFSC Summer Skating (July 12-August 18)


Summer Skating–6 Weeks

(July 12-August 18)


Registration link:

BFSC is proud to announce the schedule and fees for the 2022 Summer Season. Summer programming will run for 6 sessions from July 12th-Aug. 18th. All skating will take place at South Courtice Arena.  

**Please note, we require minimum numbers to run each session. You will be contacted if our numbers fall below the required number of participants or if we need to make changes to the schedule.

Canskate Costs: $120 program fee + $44 Canskate fee (new 2021-2022 Canskate participants)

Junior/Intermediate Starskate Costs:  $120 fee for 1 day/week, $240 for 2 days/week, $360 for 3 days/week 

Requests for withdrawal from any program must be received in writing by within two weeks of the start of the session. Only remaining sessions will be refunded. The Skate Canada Membership fee is nonrefundable.

If you have any questions please email:



Registration link:


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BFSC Spring 2022 (5 Sessions) May 25th-June 27th

BFSC is proud to announce the schedule and fees for the 2022 Spring Session. Spring programming will run for 5 sessions from May 25-June 27. All skating will take place at South Courtice Arena.  

Online registration opens April 1st by visiting:



(May 30, June 6, 13, 20 & 27)


(May 25, June 1, 8, 15, 22)


(May 26, June 2, 9, 16, 23)

5:30-6:20  CANSKATE
5 YRS & UP


5:30-6:20 CANSKATE





6:30-7:20 CANSKATE



BFSC Spring Pricing



New skaters: $159 ($115 Program Fee + $44 Skate Canada Fee)

Current skaters: $115 (Program Fee only)



One Day: $115

Two Days: $230

Three Days: $345

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Information on our 2021-22 Season


Registration is open.  If session is full, please add your skater to the waiting list.






Starskate – Junior (Canskate Stage 4-6, Star 1)   Intermediate (Star 2-3)   Senior (Star 4-10)

Session are open for Full Registration or Drop-Ins.  Drop-In must have a valid Skate Canada Membership for the 2021-22 Season.


Please see below all Clarington Guidelines and return to sport Information

Vaccination verification under the passport will come into effect on Wednesday September 22. 

  • Full vaccination means 2 approved doses, with 14 days lapsed after the second dose.  Approved medical exemptions do apply.
  • Proof of vaccination includes a copy of your vaccination receipt and adequate identification that confirms the name and birthday of the individual.  Photo ID is acceptable but not required.  The information on both documents must match to be considered verified.
  • Every person who is 18 years an older will require proof of vaccination to enter the facility.
  • Every person who is under 12 years old will NOT have to provide proof of vaccination 
  • Every person who is 12-17 years old will have to provide proof of vaccination EXCEPT when participating in organized sport and active recreational activities.  Participation in organized sport would include any coaches, instructors officials (on and off ice) that are aged 17 and under.
  • Vaccination verification will be completed at the main entrance to each facility and will be based on the above criteria.  This will be done by municipal staff and/or a third party agency contracted by the Municipality.
  • Should an organization be required by their Provincial Sport Organization (i.e. OMHA or OWHA) to impose requirements that exceed the guidance provided in the Provincial Regulation, it will be the sole responsibility of that organization to enforce those requirements. .

Effective October 27th the Municipality will be taking over screening and contact tracing for anyone that enters a recreation facility. As the permit holder, you are no longer responsible for doing screening and contact tracing. The security guards at the door will be screening, contact tracing and completing vaccine verification.  These changes do not impact vaccine verification, that process will remain the same. 

The Municipality is launching an electronic COVID-19 self-screening on Wednesday, October 27, for those wishing to enter Clarington’s recreation facilities and complete the screening in advance. You can access the COVID-19 Self-Screening online, at the door using the posted QR code, and in person with facility staff.

PLEASE arrive 20-30 minutes before the start of the session so Health Checks can be confirmed.

Link – COVID-19 Self-Screening for Entry to Recreation Facilities (

Please read all Return to Play guidelines below from Clarington

Return to Ice Guidelines for Permit Holders 

As we reopen it is critical to share the below information:  

➢ A maximum of 60 skaters are allowed on the ice, plus coaches/staff.  

Arrival at the Facility  

  • The facility will be entered through the main entrance. Adjustments may be necessary  due to other events happening within the facility. This information will be  communicated in advance of the permitted date. 
  • Arrive to the facility 15 minutes before your start time to line up outside.  o It is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure that all participants and  spectators have entered the facility. 
  • Spectators and participants must immediately go into the designated areas. Loitering  and gathering in the facility is not permitted  

While in the Facility  

  • Parents/guardians will be allowed in the facility and must sit in the designated area and  must wear a mask at all times. Staff will monitor and notify the permit holder (or  coach) if there are any concerns or capacity numbers are exceeded. Failure to follow  these guidelines will put future permits at risk of cancellation  
  • Changerooms will be open. Masks must be worn at all times and can be removed as  the skater enters the ice.  
  • Washrooms are open.  

While Exiting the Facility  

  • Spectators must immediately exit the facility at the end of the ice time.
  • Spectators and participants are not permitted to loiter in the facility
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Summer Skating



July 27th 6:00 – 6:50 STARSKATE OPEN ICE Welcome back to Skating – DROP IN signup

July 29th 6:00- 6:50 STARSKATE OPEN ICE Welcome back to Skating – DROP IN signup


Cost – Each Session Cost $100 (4 weeks) Drop Ins may be available pending availability for Star skate only

All Sessions will be available online for Registration. 

Payment by Credit Card will be available online.

Sessions must meet the minimum participates requirements (10) otherwise maybe cancelled

Withdrawal from any program must be received within two weeks of the start of session, only remaining sessions will be refunded. Skate Canada Membership will not be refunded.

 If you have any questions please email

  • One parent per Skater will be allow in the stands only, Social Distancing with Masks
  • Maximum skaters on the ICE at this time is 25  
  • A wavier is available online when you register, however, a Health check must be submitted for each session skated.  This is a simple online google form that will be sent after registration.
  • Skate Ontario Return to Play Protocols PHASE 3 July 2021 
  • Please note that we also are bound by Clarington Protocols Return to Ice Guidelines – Clarington – Step 3.pdf
  • Masks are required in line to enter the arena and in the arena until skaters are on the ICE.
  • Rowans Law is now available online at the time of registration, please note that both parents and participates are to provide a digital signature to confirm they have read and understood the material.  

All Skaters Must Fill out and submit a Return to Play Skate Ontario Waiver before entering the Arena or skating with our Club.  (Submit to and/or provide hard copy to Coach/Executive Member for Tracking)

Skate Ontario Waiver (now available when you register online)

Additionally before EVERY Skating Session, a Health Screening must be filled out and Submitted to and/or bring a hard copy to the Arena and provide to the Coach/BFSC Executive Member for Tracking

July Tracking July 2021 Health Check Form

August Tracking August 2021 Health Check Form

Skate Ontario Return to Play Protocol

Skate Ontario Return to Skating Protocols Phase 3 July 2021

Municipality of Clarington Protocols – Please review the Floor plan below to see Entrances and Exits into Pad B

Return to Ice Guidelines – Clarington – Step 3.pdf

SCA_Ice pad-Reopening floor plan (3).pdf


  • 50 min program for skaters 3 years and up
  • absolutely NO experience needed
  • a dynamic program that focuses on fun and basic skill development

Starskaters and 2021/22 season

Junior – Passed Stage 4 or invited

Intermediate – All 3 Star 1 tests must have a private coach

Senior – All Star 3 plus 2 Star 4 tests or 14 years of age


All payments are online only

Exception for Cash and Cheques, please email

Customers have 7 days to contact the club if they would like to pay by Cheque or Cash.

Once the Customer contacts us, Registration will place their invoice on-hold.

When Customer pays the invoice either with cash in full or cheque/post dated, Registration will process the invoice and the skater will be registered for their program.

All Payments must be submitted prior to skaters going on the Ice

If your account is in Arrears, you will not be able to register for the new season until all previous sessions are paid in Full.

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